Jens Thomas

Technical Director- Farm Urban

Jens is the Technical Director of Farm Urban and a post-doctoral researcher in computational biology at the University of Liverpool. After completing a degree in chemistry, Jens worked in publishing and journalism before returning to academia to work on the development of computational chemistry software and provide support for the UK national supercomputer at Daresbury Laboratory. He then completed a PhD in bioinformatics and macromolecular crystallography at The University of Liverpool, where he now works at the Institute of Integrative Biology developing software for the UK crystallographic community. One of the founding partners of Farm Urban, Jens oversees the company’s research and development into innovative and sustainable ways to grow food in urban environments. The findings are used to deliver robust and efficient systems for urban food production, with integrated educational outreach programmes that aim to engage and inspire people to become more aware of the need for a more sustainable approach to food production and consumption.

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