Prof. Lenny Koh

Director of Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre, University of Sheffield

Professor Lenny Koh is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Energy, Environment & Sustainability (CEES), Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre (AREC), and Logistics & Supply Chain Management (LSCM) Research Centre at The University of Sheffield. She is an internationally renowned authority on supply chain management related to low carbon and sustainability. Her research is recognised for its scientific novelty and has generated major impacts for society, industry and government. Using interdisciplinary approaches, crossing supply chain management, information systems, energy, engineering, social sciences and science disciplines, her work contributes to the understanding and resolution of complex supply chain problems, which are caused by climate change and uncertainty. She has a high H-index (World number 2) and high research income generation, and has successfully pioneered and led many large scale, complex projects, funded by EPSRC, ESRC, EU, Innovate UK, Leverhulme Trust and other key funding bodies in the UK, Europe and internationally.

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