Prof. Andrew Lyons

Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management, University of Liverpool

Professor Lyons is Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management, Director of Research for the Marketing and Operations Department and Director of Studies for the MSc programme in Operations & Supply Chain Management. He has expertise in supply chain management and design from research and practice in the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and food industries. This includes: the design and implementation of vendor-managed inventory systems; the design of supply chain performance measurement systems; the development of supply chain strategy for multi-tier, high-variety environments; outsourcing and make/buy evaluations; bullwhip effect mitigation design and supply chain co-ordination planning; the evaluation and extension of sequenced-supply arrangements; supply chain mapping and modelling; the design of collaborative networks and the facilitation of collaborative innovation. His expertise in operations and process engineering management stems from research and practice in a wide range of automotive vehicle assemblers, component manufacturers and materials providers. This includes operations strategy development, the examination of lean and agile practices, technology management, and mass customisation and variety management strategy development.

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