Dr Therese Gondwe

Dr Therese Gondwe has expertise in Agriculture Extension,developing and managing Food and Nutrition projects and conducting Gender research.  Dr. Therese Gondwe is currently workingat International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) as Technology Dissemination specialist. This entails working with end users of a technology to ensure there is an adoption of the promoted agriculture and nutrition related technologies.   She is currently based in Lusaka, Zambia. Prior to working with IITA, Therese worked as project Manager in Malawi with an organisation called Feed The Children International. She obtained both her Masters Degree in Agriculture Extension as well as PhD in Human and Environmental Sciences from the University of Reading, United Kingdom.  Her current research area focuses on Gender analysis on commodity value chains, with focus on cassava, soybean and cowpea. This research area aims at advising policy makers and scientists of the importance of addressing challenges faced by end users of technologies being developed and promoted in relation to agronomic traits and nutritional quality.  She enjoys working with different stakeholders using innovative system approaches that aim at both out scaling and building capacity of partners while building and maintaining existing partnerships.

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